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 Frequently Asked Questions


When do I have to wash my hair?

Please, wash your hair the very morning of the wedding or, at least, the day before. Any hairstyle will last longer and look more natural if I can work on clean hair. Use a natural shampoo and a very little amount of conditioner on the lenghts. Let your hair dry naturally, if possible.

How long does it take for a bridal hairstyle?

It usually take 1 hour, 1 hour and half.

What first: Hair or Makeup?

The best is to start with the hair preparation (blow dry and iron), proceed with the makeup and then I will finish the hairstyle. Depending on the type of hairstyle requested and on the type of hair sometime I will do the hairstyle after makeup.

Do I come to your Salon or you come to my hotel/villa?


I closed my Salon, that was situated in Florence, downtown, some years ago because I love working with brides: thus I work exclusively on location. Both the trial and the service will take place at your room, in the venue where you are going to stay while in Italy.

Can you suggest me the right hairstyle for my Big Day?

Yes, of course. There are important beauty “rules” you have to consider while choosing your hairstyle. The right style depends also on the wedding dress style, the proportions of your whole body and your features. I will be pleased to help you find Your hairstyle for your Wedding.

Can you do the hair to my mother/mother in law/bridesmaids/friends?

I can do the hair to max 4 people beside the bride in order to have the right amount of time and concentration to give my best. If you have more guest that need Makeup or hairstyle services one or more hairstylists and makeup artists from Armilla Beauty Agency will come with me to serve all of your guests.

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